‎Bee Venom‎

‎Unsuspected virtues‎


‎Bee venom is a fascinating substance secreted from the acid and basic caudal glands of worker bees‎‎, it is composed of 85% water and a mixture of enzymes, peptides and proteins (melittin, histamine …), other compounds (sugars, phospholipids …).‎

‎Although it may sound surprising, bee venom has many therapeutic virtues. Including, anti-inflammatory, anticoagulants, decreased blood pressure, increased blood flow, increased production of red blood cells...‎


‎It can therefore be beneficial in case of:‎


·       ‎Joint pain (osteoarthritis, arthritis and other joint problems)‎

·       ‎Muscle pain,‎

·       ‎Inflammatory pain (tendonitis, bursitis)‎



‎It is still necessary to exercise caution, as a significant percentage of the population is allergic to it.‎


‎For simpler and safer use (than a sting), there are products made from bee venom. There are different versions to allow targeted action depending on the origin of the ailments (muscle, joint, inflammation, etc.).