‎Our Story‎


‎Born in France, I grew up in the United States where I spent much of my life, I came back to France over 15 years ago ago. I am a beekeeper who became a passionate api therapist.‎

‎That's why I decided to create Chez les abeilles, in order to share the benefits of apitherapy which consists in using bee products for our well-being and health.‎

‎I was amazed by the potential of bees, these small insects that can bring us so much. They are precious allies for our well-being, our health but they are also of great importance for the balance of our planet.‎

‎I wish to offer quality products, with real health benefits to all those who might need it.‎

‎My deep conviction:‎

‎A beehive = A pharmacy.‎



‎Our team,‎

‎For years I managed this company alone, sometimes helped by my partner, who was there to support me when I needed it the most, in particular at the markets.‎

‎Now my small business is growing, as we are now a team of two people, my stepdaughter and myself.‎

‎Testimonials from our customers,‎

Translation: "‎A perfect first shopping experience. Thank you for the little gifts. I will order again for sure‎."

Translation: "‎A big thank you to Jean-François for his professionalism and the quality of his products. I highly recommend this company especially in these difficult times! I am delighted to have acquired the Propol therapy diffuser with mask in case a bad virus, or just a nasty cold passes by.‎"