‎Honey is a food but also a remedy that has been known for millennias.‎

‎It is a ‎‎product developed by bees, a concentration of flower nectars and honeydew,‎‎ which only they know how to make. It is composed of sugar, water but also vitamins, minerals and amino acids.‎

‎Like wine, the characteristics and composition of the various honeys depend on its geographic origin, but also on weather conditions.‎


‎Each honey has its own virtues:‎

  • ‎strong presence of vitamin group B, C and trace elements,‎
  • ‎energetic and protective of cold,‎
  • ‎facilitates digestion and absorption of nutrients,‎
  • ‎activation of growth,‎
  • ‎toning of the digestive system,‎
  • ‎regulator of heart function,‎
  • ‎protection of the respiratory tract,‎
  • ‎laxative effects,‎
  • ‎healing action, even on ‎‎burns‎‎ or ‎‎varicose ulcers,‎
  • ‎antibacterial‎,
  • ‎antioxidant.‎

‎It should also be noted that despite its strong sweetening power, it is less caloric than white sugar. Some honeys such as acacia or linden are even recommended as ‎‎an alternative to sugar in case of diabetes‎‎, due to their low glycemic index.‎

‎Honey is therefore a real asset both in terms of well-being and health, not to mention the pleasure of taste, of course!‎