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Happy Thérapie, Chez les Abeilles

We are a small family-owned apitherapy shop which aims to discover or rediscover

the treasures of the hive and their many virtues known since antiquity.


A little history:

Throughout human history, bee products have been used by many cultures. The oldest representation

of honey being harvested, dates from 7000 years before Jesus Christ, it was found in Spain in the region of

Valencia on the walls of a cave and it represents a human silhouette harvesting honey using a basket.


In ancient Egypt, the mythology around the birth of bees says that when the God Ra cried, his tears fell

on the ground and then changed into bees, which brought wax and honey. The latter was then used in food

(especially for pastries and wine because of its high sweetening power) but also as medicine, and particularly

in cutaneous application for its healing, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties to treat wounds and burns.


For the Greeks and Romans, honey was also considered a sacred product, which served as an offering to the gods and

to the spirits of death. Propolis was part of the traveling pharmacy of Roman soldiers when they went into battle.

Honey was also used during the First and Second World Wars to accelerate the healing of soldiers’ wounds.

Whether as food or health products, humans have been able to take advantage of the virtues of bee products for millennia.

Our products:

We offer a wide range of products, to protect your health, take care of yourself, your

loved ones and even your pets, but also tasty treats, all made with bee products.

Come and check out our propolis diffusers, our pure beehive products (propolis, honey, royal jelly, fresh frozen pollen

and bee venom oinments), our body, face, hair and oral care products, as well as our selection of food!

You will find everything you need to please the whole family, no matter the age!

We have carefully chosen and tested all of our products to bring you full satisfaction.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like more information or advice on the use of our products.

The Happy Thérapie, Chez les Abeilles team


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